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We offer you twenty songs to sing with your child.

Here are twenty songs for you to sing with your child. There are twenty topics covered in the description. As a mamaestra, your job is to sing along with the songs as much as possible, slowly at first, until you become so comfortable with them that you no longer need to read them. You’ll be surprised at how much you’ll learn together.

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200 in stock


🔆Why use Mamaestra Toybook music?


Each song is connected to the toybook and mamaestra book in which we join the same vocabulary and grammar points to reinforce the knowledge, so we learn faster!


Through melody and storytelling, music taps into our memory and the rhythm of our bodies, making it easier to remember the words we’ve learned.

👶🏻👵🏻Open to everyone

You don’t have to be a singer, or have musical ears, just be open-minded and dance it. 

👅It’s fun!

Learning about different topics with different Latin styles of music makes our work more fun.

 🔆How does a class work?

  • 👉🏻You get at least one song in each Mamaestra Toybook Class. 
  • 👉🏻Before reading the lyrics line by line, we discover the key words and phrases. 

 🗣We will

  • 👏🏻Tune your pronunciation
  • 👏🏻Use the new vocabulary, we can create our own phrases
  • 👏🏻Enhance understanding and confidence

 Music really sinks in, no matter what the voices or tunes are. ☝🏻🤱🏻👩🏼‍🍼Lets sing together the Mamaestras songs!🎶🗣

The songs in the Toybook album are:

  • Yo
  • Mi cara
  • Mi cuerpo
  • Saludos
  • Mi familia
  • Colores
  • Formas
  • Mi mochila
  • Mi casa
  • Mis juguetes
  • Mis mascotas
  • Mi comida
  • Las frutas
  • Los lugares
  • El zoológico
  • La granja
  • Las profesiones

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  1. CeGuerrero
    (verified owner)

    These are songs that I purchased and I love to sing them. Even as an adult student of Spanish, I find that these resources are great for helping me learn the language and supporting my instructor.

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