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According to science, babies’ brains are the best learning machines ever made, and infants’ learning is time-sensitive. A child’s brain will never be better at learning a second language than when it is between the ages of 0 and 3. 

Moms, teachers, and caregivers can create multilingual environments in which children can freely explore, learn, experience a new language, culture, and build the confidence they need to become bilinguals and bicultural adults by using a wide range of resources, including SongBooks, ToyBooks, StoryBooks, MiniBooks, and WorkBooks.


Mamaestras, we want to build bilingual connections between you and your child. Whether you’re just starting out teaching your kids Spanish or you’re from a Latino background and want to deepen your bilingual knowledge, Retobilingüismo offers this program with book series written specifically for moms.

During this Linguistic Challenge, how do we support you?

Check out everything we do to help you with this linguist challenge.

How can we support you in this Linguistic Challenge?

Welcome to our Store! All the items you will find here are manually done by single women from Ecuador.

With our experience, including developing an understanding of everyday life within the language, we propose culture as well as speaking, singing, writing, and reading basic words and phrases in Spanish.

Retobilinguismo Introduces our New Material for the First Bilingualism Challenge


Most of the people who attended my trail classes know the basis of my initiative. Everything started from a game and support to teach Spanish to a newborn baby until everything happened. This has been very effective in producing rapid Spanish language skills, such as comprehension, production, and significant vocabulary retention in early ages, but also a lot depends on your hard work, time investment, and the program requests:

Why Retobilinguismo?

Because we have a lot of social community development work to do. Toybooks are handmade books crafted by Ecuadorian women. By creating this project, we are planning to fund a range of social projects aimed at improving the well-being of women. We are hoping to raise $5000 to start this group and sponsor many manual educational products. If you want to know more email me at: retobilinguismo@gmail.com.

The story behind the story

CeGuerrero began this bilingual challenge as an au pair for two families. She has also supported students with young children at home to create this venture on their own. CeGuerrero has been teaching Spanish for 20 years. Mamaestra is a program she created to help parents and teachers assist their children and students in learning bilingualism. You can rely on CeGuerrero to support your child in every step of their learning journey. In addition to owning the Middle of the World Spanish School, she is Ecuadorian.


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