Mamaestra de Español Lullaby Songbook: Bilingual Lullaby and Cradle Songbook for Early Spanish Language Stimulation Paperback


What are the benefits of singing to your child?

Singing reduces your baby’s heart rate, lowers anxiety, and releases endorphins, which may reduce pain. In the early months of life, when brain pathways are formed, lullabies help infants create neural pathways for calming down, soothing, and falling asleep. Also, the mamaestra method uses it to stimulate the learning of a second language.

Singing is energy, life, love, passion. Just do it!


The Mamaestra program is a curriculum designed for non-bilingual families that helps to raise a child in a bilingual setting. NO lesson prep or language experience is needed!

Children who are exposed to two languages from birth will be able to speak and understand both languages, but it requires patience, persistence, and creativity on the part of the caregiver. The Mamaestra Program is designed to take advantage of the exceptional abilities of the baby brain. Nursery rhymes and songs share many characteristics with infant-directed speech, which is exaggerated and somewhat musical. These include short phrases, repetition, musicality, along with varying pitch ranges using highs and lows, and emotional inflection. Mamaestra combines music with lyrics so that you can sing along with your baby every day as part of your routine. This little book includes 50 short songs to sing together.

The following songs are part of our songbook

  1. Spanish for Getting up
  2. Spanish for Going to Bed
  3. Spanish for Changing Diapers
  4. Spanish for Changing Clothes
  5. Spanish for the Shower Time
  6. Spanish for Pee and Poop
  7. Spanish when Grandmother is at Home
  8. Spanish when Uncle / Aunt is at home
  9. Spanish with Dad
  10. Spanish with Toys
  11. Spanish with Milk
  12. Spanish in the Kitchen
  13. Spanish For Playdates
  14. Spanish in the Stroller to the Park
  15. Spanish for Naps
  16. Spanish when the Baby is in Mom’s Arms
  17. Spanish when the Baby is in Daddy’s Arms
  18. Spanish For Receiving Gifts
  19. Spanish for Talking to Mommy
  20. Spanish when the Baby Cries
  21. Spanish when the Baby Eats
  22. Spanish when the Baby Laughs
  23. Spanish for Congratulating when the Baby Grabs a Toy
  24. Spanish when the Baby Falls down
  25. Spanish when the Baby is Hungry
  26. Spanish when the Baby is Sleepy
  27. Spanish After Eating
  28. Spanish when the Child Rolls Over
  29. Spanish when the Baby Sits down
  30. Spanish when the Baby Learns to Stand up
  31. Spanish when your Baby Takes the First Steps
  32. Spanish for Dancing with Mama
  33. Spanish for a Spa day (baby massage)
  34. Spanish for a Day at the Library
  35. Spanish for Reading
  36. Spanish for Learning my First Words in Spanish
  37. Spanish for the Parts of the Face
  38. Spanish for the Parts of the Body
  39. Spanish for Playing with Toys
  40. Spanish for Learning Colors
  41. Spanish for Learning Pets
  42. Spanish for Learning Animals
  43. Spanish for Learning Fruits
  44. Spanish for Learning Veggies
  45. Spanish for Learning Rooms in the House
  46. Spanish for Learning Relatives
  47. Spanish for Learning Professions
  48. Spanish for Learning Food
  49. Spanish for Learning Greetings
  50. Spanish for Learning Simple Answers

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