Spanish ToyBook Course for Moms


Spanish Course for moms who want to raise bilingual children. Our first 100 words challenge between you and your toddler!

  • Your baby can learn no better from you than anyone else!
  • There is no one else who can put in as much work and love as you.
  • There is no one who can do what you do with such a passion and interest.

Having a bilingual baby and teaching your child Spanish is possible through the Mamaestra course. Therefore, this child’s learning experience results in a life-long memory, a shared experience, and a learning together. If you learn Spanish together, your child will improve faster than with a private teacher or other TV language programs. 

Because the class is with you, your child will also feel more comfortable. The heightened level of support can help kids lower their guards and embrace the experience of learning a language more easily.

This course provides you with:

  • This is a 10-hour course (NOT Included the Toybook)
  • Download 20 Toybook FlashNotes
  • Access to the songs


✨About the Toybook for Teaching✨

  • 🗣This is a handmade material. Educational fun for early language learners material: Designed by a Spanish teachers for moms, teachers, speech therapists to teach little ones a variety of important first-concept topics: letters, numbers, shapes and colors.
  • 🗣This educational material will give toddlers and preschoolers an engaging opportunity to begin recognizing great variety of words, building vocabulary and developing early language skills like small dialogues.
  • 🗣Recommended for ages 24 months to 5 years old. This set of 20 pages (units) teaches 100 basic words with main grammar structures.
  • 🗣Made to fit kids’ hands: they fit well in small hands and are easy for toddlers to handle and manage as finger puppets.

Why to use this Toybook at home for Early Language Stimulation🧠👶🏻

  1. With brightly colored handmade items in the form of puppets and fundamental educational topics, this toybook is designed to aid in the teaching process. We have been teaching with this material, and it has been very effective and fun.
  2. In addition to improving your child’s memory and concentration, it will also introduce her to more efficient and interactive strategies that help her learn a new language.
  3. Mamaestras will find this ToyBook helpful as visual learning materials for classrooms and preschools. Furthermore, they are excellent as educational toys for kids or as tools for speech therapy.
  4. Makes a wonderful gift. Toys for toddlers and 2 year olds that love to play while learning have been a huge hit among our decks of educational tools. By giving the gift of knowledge and a bright future, you can’t go wrong!

FOCUSED PRACTICE: The class has a total of 10 lessons when I compile the toybook’s pages, so you will get the songs, the stories for vocabulary-building exercises, then short dialogues and short structures following, and Latin rhythm songs. 

The method is based on current theories of early Spanish learning. A unique toybook and three volumes of Mamaestra books accompany the illustrated vocabulary flashcards can be your resources to make it a successful challenge (reto).



  • The flash cards will be used to introduce the vocabulary from the toybook. 
  • After we finish the vocabulary lesson, we will read the lyrics of the song for you to understand, and then we will sing the song together. 
  • This material is included in the course for free. 


  • During the class, the words are repeated several times to ensure they are pronounced correctly. 
  • There will be a mom-to-mom demo class. 
  • Attendees will be asked to mimic them. 
  • You’ll also learn some other useful expressions.
  • Activities and games that will make practice fun are included in each lesson.


  • Repeat the class at home, practice with an adult to feel more comfortable, and apply to your baby.
  •  We invite you to share your experiences in our moms group. 
  • Remember your baby is absorbing all the vocabulary, whether they are ready to speak it or not. You are planting seeds in a fertile mind. 
  • Recorded classes will be available in our platform.


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