Coaching for Mamaestras III (Preschool Level)


Is your child ready for school. Let’s get to the Mamaestra III.  It’s the last part of the Mamaestra Program. By now, if you have followed the Mamaestra programs I and II, your kid should have mastered the 100 words minimum or even more. They might be able to answer with short questions like: ¿Qué es esto?, ¿Dónde está…?, ¿Cómo se dice?, ¡Toma!, ¡Dame!, ¡Vamos!, ¿Quieres? This mean the their listening and understanding is developing great.  Children can sometimes make small sentences, like: “you quiero”, “me gusta”, “no me gusta”.

Time to extend into complete structures.



In this course Mamaestra Three, we will use a workbook, songbook, storybook, and toybook in this course. This project will involve making interactive short readings and answering simple questions about them. We want at this level, to use more than a word, e.g. 

-Mom: ¿Quieres agua or leche?

-Child: Leche.  (In this level we want a child to answer with a complete sentence: “Yo quiero leche” o “Yo no quiero leche, yo quiero agua”.

We will help to develop some complex phonemes (“g”, “f”, “s”, “r”, “l”, “ch”), also we will work on rhymes. We will also approach some letters and numbers. Ready for school.

Through our exploration, we will help your child develop fine motor skills with daily actions and playtime activities involving grasping, holding, and pressing.


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