Spanish Toybook Flashnotes for Mamaestras


Flash Cards Mamaestra Toybook (Hard Copy)

You will need this complementary material if you own the Mamaestra Toybook.

  • Our kids flash cards are designed to help in the teaching process with fundamental educational topics and major structures like questions to provide children with great learning resources and creative tools at different ages and stages in their education.
  • In addition to the workbook, the toybook, and the flashcards will help moms memorize the vocabulary together with the children. It is helpful for both to improve their memory and concentration. Flashcards for moms will be helpful in visualizing the day’s learning material
  • Whether you are a teacher or a mom, you can use them for toddler learning activities. You can create fun activities or small dialogues: ¿Te gusta…?, ¿Quieres…Educational Flash Cards for great learning activities

50 in stock

50 in stock


Monolingual parents who wish to pass on another language to their children are faced with the choice between seeking outside resources or teaching them themselves. In order to complete this challenge, Retobilinguismo offers many things to consider, and it invites you to create a bilingual home with the flashnotes that supports the use of the Toybook because:

  • The flashnotes are color-coded, illustrated with images from the toybook. As moms learn set of words and make small conversations while using the Toybook, moms can use it as an addition to the Toybook, to help them learn and teach at their pace.
  • Flashnotes will serve as a cheat sheet for you to get an overview of the vocabulary that you’ll be focusing on. During the Mamaestra class, you learn how to use mini questions to have daily conversations.
  • It provides a chance to practice the basic grammar structures from the Toybook while learning words from the Toybook.
  • The cell phone can be used to access the flashnotes.
  • The toybook course will focus on using flashnotes. The course covers all the content in 10 hours.

In addition to offering many points to consider for doing this challenge on your own, Retobilinguismo also invites you to create a bilingual home: if you have a newborn, speak Spanish from birth by getting Mamaestra book 1. Don’t forget, you and your partner should decide whether the OPOL method is right for you and your family to establish a bilingual environment. Taking our Toybook course will help you sin


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