MomTeacher Toybook for kids ages 24+


  1. An amazing learning tool of 20 pages designed to aid the teaching process with fundamental educational topics. It is made up of bright, colorful clothing covering a wide range of topics to provide our children with the most appropriate learning tools at every stage and age.
  2. The elements are made to fit into the child’s hands, allowing them to manipulate them visually and experientially to improve memory and concentration with the new language. Moreover, it lets you and your kids create fun activities, play games and roleplay as puppets.
  3. Makes a Perfect Gift. It has been a huge hit among toddlers and kids 2 years and older who like to play and learn at the same time. Knowledge is a gift that can’t be missed!

10 in stock

10 in stock



The items you will find here are all handmade by single women from Ecuador.

What is the toybook?

A juguetelibro (toybook), a winning way to introduce a child to Spanish with a hundred (+) words to support early Spanish acquisition by teaching, practicing and stimulating a love of language.

What are the features of each lesson?

    • There is one page per lesson . Each lesson comes with four (+) handcrafted pieces. 
    • The recommended age range for this material is 36 months and up.
    • Additionally, there are virtual lessons and guidance available for the Mamaestras de Español and Spanish teachers.
    • Lessons in the Mamaestra Toybook can be used for planning weekly lessons in Spanish. You can increase the number of lessons per week if the child gains knowledge quickly. Being consistent in incorporating Spanish into everyday activities is recommended.

Lessons cover:

  1. About me
  2. My face
  3. My body
  4. My family
  5. Greetings
  6. Numbers
  7. School
  8. Colors
  9. Shapes
  10. My backpack
  11. My house
  12. Toys
  13. Pets
  14. Food
  15. Fruits
  16. Community
  17. Places
  18. The Zoo
  19. The Farm
  20. Occupations

Focused Practice

With our Mamaestra Toybook, teaching Spanish to kids has never been easier or more fun.

How It Works?

Maestra de Español contains three books, a toybook, songs book plus flashcards for kids and cheating cards for moms. A mamaestra apron and a glove round out the collection. Lessons and engaging activities are provided to help students learn common phrases, common daily questions, and more. Moms also learn how to ask questions and have small conversations.

Working Together

Mamaestra was created by Cecilia Guerrero, a linguistics specialist and Spanish teacher as well as the author of the Toybook. She enjoys teaching Spanish and uses the Toybook to make lessons real and fun. Teachers like using the mamaestra toybook for hands-on Spanish lessons and parents learn the language together with their Little Love.


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