Hi, I'm CeGuerrero

I'm The Author of these book series.

Spanish is my native language and I have experience teaching it at all levels (early childhood, elementary education, schools, high school, and university). The books I have developed this year range from baby books to books for adults. Also, I have created a program called @ Retobilinguismo, which is a publisher of all my book series: 1. Mamaestra Spanish (Babies program and preschool); 2. Galapaguitos (elementary school); and, 3. Retos (high school), 4. Immersion (Adults Series for Learning Spanish)

Expertise in the Field

I have a Bachelor's Degree in Linguistics, specializing in Spanish language teaching. Additionally, I hold an MBA from Ecuador, MDP/CDP, and Master in Development Practice from the United States. Additionally, I am a Therapist and Team Coach. Teaching is my life mission and my passion. As a teacher, I work in a number of fields including language learning, personal development, sustainable development, etc.

It is now a real joy for me to teach Spanish to moms.

Working with Kids

As a linguist, when I was an Au-Pair for two years, my family always asked me to teach the kids some Spanish. After I was very successful with my children, I opened my own school for adults in Chicago. After I returned to my country, I opened an online school. One day, my student asked me if I could help her teach the language to her niece. This resulted in an incredible adventure. As a result, I developed a program that supports moms who want their kids to become bilingual.

In addition, I am not a fully bilingual person. I recently moved to the United States. My studies in Contrastive Linguistics helped me learn the language. Every day, I work hard to reduce my Sofia Vergara/Latino accent as I immerse myself in my second language. Due to various reasons, I have developed a deep interest in promoting bilingualism in families with young children. However, finding materials that can assist moms in raising bilingual children is challenging. In our project, we wanted to make raising children in Spanish and English easier and more enjoyable for families. I came up with the idea of MomTeacher – Mamaestra. It would make life easier for parents if I could help them raise bilingual children, and it would also make learning together easier. For this reason, the Mamaestra was created to help families learn Spanish together. It is my goal to bridge the gap between the language fluency of bilingual children and the language fluency required to read a book or travel to Latin America.